Secure your Domain Privacy

As of May 25th 2018, most european and all generic domain types (top level domains) have redacted their amount of Whois data which is published to the internet to comply to the european data privacy regulation (GDPR).
However, the registrant data still has to be sent to the registries. And there are still top level domains which do require the full set of Whois data, and do publish this full set.
The use of incorrect, incomplete or fake data is a violation of the registration agreement of the related registry and IDPS GmbH, and may lead to the deletion of the related domain name (please also see 5.c/11.d of T&C).

To protect a registrant from abuse of his data for domains which do not comply the the european data privacy regulation, through IDPS GmbH provides privacy protection services, effectively shielding your personal data and keeping it confidential. By using these services, the registrant is represented by alternate contact data provided by IDPS GmbH, while remaining compliant to the registration policies. The registrant's own data will still be maintained and escrowed by, to secure the registrant's ownership of the domain, and ensure the compliance to ICANN's and registry's policies.

By the use of these services, the registrant is protected against most common forms of abuse like outlined below.

With active WHOIS privacy you & your domains are protected against:



 Identity Theft

& much more

If you activate WHOIS privacy for your domains, private data like your address and email will no longer be publicly visible. You will still receive important emails, because the privacy service will provide an anonymized email address for publication. With privacy pro, also your name will not be visible. This is how your WHOIS data will look like for domain type which do not comply to the european data protection regulation:


Without WHOIS privacy for non-GDPR-compliant TLDs


With WHOIS privacy

standard WHOIS With privacy basic With privacy pro
Registrant Name: Max Musterman Max Musterman On behalf of
Registrant Organization: Your-Organization Your-Organization c/o IDPS International Domain Privacy Services GmbH
Registrant Street: Main Street 123 c/o IDPS International Domain Privacy Services GmbH
Hansaallee 191
Hansaallee 191
Registrant City: Foo City Duesseldorf Duesseldorf
Registrant State/Province: ABC
Registrant Postal Code: 54321 40549 40549
Registrant Country: DE DE DE
Registrant Phone: +99.110 12345678 +49 211 867 67 448 +49 211 867 67 448
Registrant Fax: +99.110 12345679 +49 211 867 67 6448 +49 211 867 67 6448
Registrant Email:

Protect yourself from online spam or unwanted mail and hide your private contact data - starting from only $ 1.49/year!*

*Reseller's discount to apply

The email address is created for each contact and protects the registrant against spam, while it is still ensured that the registrant will be able to receive messages directed to him.
The registrant will retain full control over his domain, WHOIS privacy services will only affect publicly visible WHOIS data by protecting the registrant's privacy.
The registrant's data will still be maintained and escrowed, to secure the registrant's ownership of the domain.

The registrant can be contacted through the provided privacy email address only. Sendings to the physical address will be rejected or destroyed, callers will be redirected to this page.

The provided services may not be used to contribute to illegal or morally questionable activities, such as but not limited to spamming, infringement of law or copyrights, distribution of malware.
If abusive use is detected by or reported to us, we explicitly retain the right to immediately disclose the identity of the registrant, or to terminate provided services for the affected domain.